Will Thames

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Running Thoughts

I’ve realised over the last few weeks that my philosophy of running is changing almost daily - there are so many things I’ve lost faith in and so many things I’ve started to consider

Stuff I used to do but don’t any more: * Gait analysis * Stretching * Heart rate monitoring

Stuff I do instead * Focus on good running form, with midfoot strike and high cadence * Engage the core (I follow the principle of specificity and don’t do much additional core work) * Run by feel, particularly rate of perceived exertion

There are a few things that I think might or might not be sound - barefoot running (I do understand the philosophy, but am happy just aiming towards forefoot strike), paleo diet (it might work, but I’m not convinced that people don’t just lose weight because of the strictness of the regime).

I’d like to move up to ultra distances next season, I’m definitely considering the London Ultra race, which is barely ultra at 50 km, but is a step upwards from my one and only marathon. Not sure I’m ready for desert running, but I like the sound of mountain marathons, as well as some of the hillier coastal endurance runs. One step at a time though. But I want to make sure I’m running right for long distances, hence the focus on form and technique, something that is often neglected in running.