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End of the Season

I officially declare my racing season over. That’s not to say that I won’t race again this year, but it really is time to start the off-season.

This year I’ve decided to concentrate on form in my off-season - use the break as an opportunity to go destroy my form and rebuild it from scratch.

I plan to train solely* in my brand new Vibram Five Fingers KSO that I picked up from Ten Point at the weekend. I’ll keep my Green Silence for races for now, and if it gets too cold I reserve the right to put on warmer shoes, but for now, I want to train as close to barefoot as I personally dare in London.

Running in them just on a treadmill was strange enough (although of course the feedback loop on a treadmill is always going to be terrible). Running on hard surfaces should promote forefoot striking, and that should radically reduce my injury risk (although at a cost of radically increasing my injury risk in the very short term; having said that the impact is different - any potential muscle pain should be far shorter term than knee damage)

I need to build up to running in these slowly. I’ve been wearing them on the walk to work, and tomorrow I hope to have a jog. I don’t plan to run very far - I don’t know how far that will be yet, but I’ll be listening to my body very carefully.

If I don’t lose my fitness, I will do Hellrunner as planned, but for now, my priority is form over fitness. I’ll use swimming and cycling to try and at least maintain my aerobic fitness, even if I lose some run endurance.

  • see what I did there? ;)