Will Thames

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Review of This Year's Goals

In my 2009-2010 goals, I listed my goals for this season just gone. How did I do?

  • 25 minute 1500m swim by June 2010 - FAIL. My swimming endurance and technique have improved this year, but that hasn’t translated into improved times - just longer distances
  • 45 minute 10km run by June 2010 - FAIL didn’t even try this. The running calculator for my HM at the weekend suggests that I could do a 46:07 which is not success.
  • Ironman Switzerland (IMCH) in sub 13 hours - SUCCESS! 12:17, smashed it.
  • New Forest tri in less than 2:30 - no idea how well I’d have done at this! I wouldn’t call this success or failure (perhaps failure to try)
  • Bike leg of (flattish) middle distance triathlon in 2:45: I did Bala in 3 hours, which is quite close to this goal; I’m saying this one wasn’t a success or failure either

Hmm, that’s not great - two FAILs, one SUCCESS and two uncertain outcomes. What can I learn from this? That my goals need to be more relevant. Who cares about a 45min 10k or 25min 1500m swim when you’re training for Ironman which is all about endurance, not speed.

I succeeded at my main objective, the sub-13 hour Ironman, and I’m also happy with my sub-1:45 half marathon, not to mention the surprise of smashing the six hour barrier in Bala (I predicted 6:30!), and my new 5K Richmond Park PB, shaving a minute off. My six hour London Duathlon was a triumph of stubbornness. I’m happy with all of my race outcomes (I can’t think of a single race where I’m disappointed in my performance), which is surely the true test of . I’ve had a good year, I’m a bit concerned improving on it will be hard, but I suspect there is so much potential for improvement that I’ve yet to realise.