Will Thames

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Offseason Progress

As my run volume dramatically declines, so my need for aerobic activity increases, and I’ve returned to the pool and perhaps more radically, the bike. I really enjoyed my first group pool speed session in over 18 months and swam the fastest I think I’ve ever swum. My bike session yesterday had some very interesting pace characteristics for what should have been two evenly paced threshold intervals

I’ve really enjoyed reading what I call Run by Feel, and have embraced some of its less obvious philosophy wholeheartedly and want to shape my entire triathlon training programme around it.

One key point from the book is that the amount of variation in most training programmes is actually massively greater than is best. For example many Kenyan runners have a very simple training programme (simple to follow conceptually, much harder to follow athletically!) and get great results. Also, the less variation, the easier it is to measure progress. And a testing session is almost always a good training workout, as long as you’re not in need of a recovery session!

As such over the next few weeks I want to define some key workouts so that I can just pick six plus workouts per week, follow them, and track progress against previous iterations. I will ignore running for now as my key workout is ‘Run at a comfortable pace until the slightest perception of niggles’ and even that might be going at it too hard.


  • Testing sessions: 1500m-2500m time trial (looking to turn current 1500m pace into future 2500m pace), also CSS test.
  • Interval sessions: 100m warm up, 10 x 100m + 1 lap rest, 100m cool down. Overglider session 2.
  • Could use some technique sessions too

One key point is that the first interval session, and a 1500m time trial can be done in a lunch hour, so could fit in a three session week.


  • Testing session: 15 min warm up, 2 x 20 minute threshold interval, 5 min cool down
  • Pick a couple of spinervals DVDs to do on the turbo trainer
  • The aero spinerval is great on the rollers
  • Get outside once in a while!

Running (once I improve)

  • 7-8km tempo run - looking to improve on speed
  • Long run - looking to maintain pace over longer distances
  • Track intervals - pick two and alternate

McMillan’s pace calculator will help me work towards ideal goal running paces, I’ll have to find similar for swim paces. I’m still waiting for Garmin to release MetriGear’s Vector power meter so that I can finally get some decent info on the bike (at least the rollers will be consistent week on week)