Will Thames

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Running Update

So common perceived wisdom is that you should build very slowly into barefoot/minimalist running to avoid injury - increasing volume by 10% per week. In my first week I did about a kilometre, doubling that would take ten weeks at that rate.

I’ve been trying to build up gently but last Sunday I did 2km, and today I did 5km. Last week I did under 4km, this week I’ve done more like 12km.

I am going to take the next couple of runs quite easy - the 5km today was a bit too long, my form was poor towards the end, and so I should ensure I can do the distance properly before moving up further.

But I am quite excited that soon I’ll be able to get back to my old regular runs of the Putney Bridge loop (6.5km) and the Barnes Bridge loop (7.5km). Then I’ll keep my midweek runs fairly constant and start increasing the long run distance.

I had my first venture to the other side of the river earlier this week - running in the mud was fun (but you quickly get wet toes!) but the surface certainly keep you on your toes (haha), increased awareness to avoid sharp stones is essential!