Will Thames

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My run volume has been well down over the last couple of weeks due to, of all things, what seems to be foot eczema on my little toe. I’ve been trying to keep it dry and prevent too much rubbing of it, so I’ve not been swimming or running. It seems to be getting better now, so I’m hoping to get back to a bigger volume soon.

I initially thought this might have started from a blister from my five fingers, which would have been ironic as my little toe is too far away from the ends of the shoes to even reach the shoe toes. However, it could be an allergic reaction to either a cat scratch or the shoes themselves!

I’ve ordered some toe socks to provide some protection, but I won’t stop running in them barefoot altogether.

I have come to the realisation that while I think barefoot running is a good motivator to improve form, it is not essential, so I’m going to mix it with some new Newtons. My ‘clown’ shoes are off to ebay as they don’t promote forefoot striking. I’m clearing out four pairs of running shoes this weekend (two to ebay, two to shoes4africa via Running Shoes London when I get there)! That’ll leave my new Newtons, my Vibrams and my Adidas trail shoes.

I’m not doing Hellrunner next weekend now, as my run volumes have been so low, and I still haven’t broken the 5km barrier - doing a 16km run, offroad, trying to maintain good technique just isn’t going to happen. I might make it up to myself by aiming for the London Ultra run at 50km, but I’m not going to force my run volumes up too fast, so that might be overly ambitious - to be honest, getting back to past distances and past speeds would be a good start.

My cycling and swimming motivation hasn’t been great - I think I need something to aim for as I’m just struggling to even bother at the moment.