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Ambivalent About Iron Distance

Typically only two possibilities are mentioned for a post-Iron racer - “Never Again” or “Iron Addict”. I didn’t think I’d be in the former camp, and thought I’d lean more to the latter, but I’m just not that bothered about doing another just yet. One problem is that none of the UK long distance races seem very suitable in terms of timings (either too early or too late). I could look at IMUK or Outlaw but neither are as convenient as Forestman or Henley.

I guess I’m just keen to do other things next season too - my first Sprint triathlon (yeah, a bit crazy to do a first Sprint after Ironman), maybe a standalone marathon, maybe an ultra run, maybe the Fred Whitton challenge. I’ll keep up my swimming too, to keep myself in challenges. I’d love to do A Day in the Lakes, and Bala was so good this year that I’d consider doing it again - I’ve said it before, but I really do enjoy middle distance.

I also need to ensure my supportive wife doesn’t feel like a tri-widow - Ironman training schedules don’t lead to the most fun weekends!

Anyway, I will be back to the iron distance, just maybe not in 2011.