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Advent of Running: Week 4

It’s difficult to write this one up, but I have to admit, I was beaten by this challenge. The first day I didn’t run (the 21st) was due to a slightly sore little toe (of all things), a very minor Achilles niggle and those combined with a lack of motivation to do more treadmill running meant I stopped.

I did worse than originally hoped, but I stuck it out longer than I felt I needed to given the weather. The point of the challenge for me was to enjoy running every day - I knew I wouldn’t enjoy every run, but I didn’t enjoy any treadmill run.

After I stopped, I meant to carry on running regularly, but my toe got worse (to a point where it was so sore that I could barely walk) so I rested it, and will barely run at all until it’s properly checked out next week as running did seem to stop it improving, and it’s much better at the moment but the underlying issue is still there.

I learnt a lot - I can run more often than I have done before. I’m not sure I need to though, unless I want to stop being a triathlete and start being a runner, which I’m not sure I do. Racing both sports will always mean I’m worse at running than I would be if I concentrated solely on running, but I suspect more injury and less enjoyment would probably also happen.

Of the runs below, the first was in snow, the second on a treadmill and the third on still a bit icy pavements (little enough to make me think it was a good idea, too much to actually be that good idea)

Dec 1930.05.105:58
Dec 2030.05.505:30
Dec 2242.07.006:00