Will Thames

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Goals for 2011

For 2011 I plan to do:

  • London Olympic distance in less than 2:30 (0:30, 1:10, 0:50, with transitions coming out of that somewhere!)
  • Richmond Parkrun in less than 0:22
  • Challenge Henley in less than 12 hours - this may not seem ambitious after a 12:17 Ironman Switzerland but there are a lot more hills. (1:20, 6:40, 4:00)
  • 6k pool swim in 2:00
  • Go sub 1:40 in a half marathon
How do I plan to achieve this? Obviously I want to improve my running, hence the improvements on my run times - this will be done by increasing frequency, and working on improving form, while minimising injury risk.

My bike performance should have a good baseline from last year, but I’ve let it slide - I need to do a lot of miles and that will mean rollers, turbo and long rides before summer even starts.

Swim will also be built on volume rather than technique - overdistance training, regular testing, plus some speed work. Biggest issue is probably feel for the water, so sculling, doggy paddle and distance.

Races planned for next year include: Richmond Half Marathon, Blenheim Sprint, London Olympic and Challenge Henley. No middle distance tri planned yet (Bala is the weekend after Blenheim, which might be a big ask, A Day in the Lakes is probably too hilly and badly timed for me).

I guess this means I’m not so ambivalent now.