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2011 Training

How fortuitous. One of my favourite sports writers, Matt Fitzgerald, has done a 20 week iron distance training plan in this months Triathlete Europe. That takes about 8 weeks off my training plan, meaning a start in April rather than February.

Now obviously that doesn’t mean I can doss around for the next three months, but I can go to Running School (a Christmas present from my lovely wife) and possibly even treat myself to a swim training day too.

I do need to get back on the bike and back in the pool in January though, I can’t keep being slack!

I also learnt about Yasso Intervals today, which also totally fit with the principle of reducing variation. While they might not correlate with a marathon after 8 hours on the go, they should correlate with the ‘add a sixth of the time’ school of thought (so if I can do 3:30 800s, I should be able to do a 3:30 standalone marathon and 4:03 iron distance run leg)

Next step is to start formulating a proper training plan focussing on my key workouts and fitting in other things such as holidays etc, so I’m totally ready to start hard graft in April, while improving technique in the interim.