Will Thames

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Race Plan for Tomorrow's Half Marathon

I will set my alarm for 07:30 when I will quickly dress into my cool weather running gear. Going upstairs for breakfast, I will put on my GPS watch, and then have a mug of coffee and some cereal.

I will aim to leave the house for 08:00, taking with me my backpack packed tonight with a dry set of clothes, and a set of race clothes suitable for warmer weather (lighter top, shorts). The bag will also contain my race number and timing tag. I will then drive to the race venue, which will already be in TomTom.

I hope to arrive at the race venue for 09:00 with an hour before the race starts. I will keep warm and warm up during this time, changing if necessary into the warmer clothes. I will also have a caffeine gel with some water at this point.

At 10:00 the race will start. I will aim to start at around 05:00/km and progress towards 04:45 as the field thins out and I warm up further. Each lap of the lake should take around 47 mins.

At 11:40, I hope to cross the line. I will do some gentle stretching and some easy walking before driving home.