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At Last, It's Nearly Upon Me

It’s just over three months since I found out I had a place for the London marathon. There have been injury niggles, particularly after my half marathon, that I managed to overcome with a lot of rest and perseverance.

The most I’ve done in one day is 28km in training, so there will be half as much again to do on the day, although at least I did 38km in two days that weekend.

On paper my run volume looks shockingly bad - particularly March where injury, recovery and then skiing took over, but April looks very good considering that’s only half way through.

MonthRunsDistance (kms)Time

Am I as ready as I’d have liked to have been? Three months ago I thought 3:30 was a real possibility - I’m still not ruling it out but I’ve accepted that 3:40-3:50 is a more likely result. However, I’ll give London the effort that such a world-class event deserves. Hopefully then some more sponsorship will come rolling in!

I’ll leave my plan for Sunday for another post.