Will Thames

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Mental Plan for Tomorrow

My alarm is already set for 06:45. My backup alarm is set for 07:00.

I will head for breakfast, of one or two bowls of muesli and a coffee. After breakfast, I will change into my race kit, put on bodyglide and 24-hour sunscreen, attach my number.

By this time I expect it to be around 07:30-07:45. I will then head to the tube and use the free journeys to get to Charing Cross, before taking the free overland to Greenwich. I’d expect to get a train around 08:09 or 08:24 (earlier the better is good for train capacity, later is good for not hanging around too long before the start).

Once at the start I’ll aim to keep warm and hydrated for the hour or so before the race starts. I’ll also have an energy bar just after arrival with water. If there is the opportunity to warm up a little beforehand I’ll take it, otherwise the first km or so before I cross the start line will have to do!

For the first 5kms I don’t expect to do great pace, and will also contribute to my warm up, as there will be a lot of traffic and I’ll just go with the flow and try and pick up the pace as the people thin out.

I’ll hope to be doing 5:15/km on average for the race. My nutritional plan is to have a shot blok, washed down with water, every 6 or so km (water is every mile so may well be every 6.4km, going down to 4.8km later on), although I will have spare. I don’t plan to take on much water otherwise, unless for cooling purposes - however, I will drink when I feel thirsty, training suggests this is sufficient.

In the main the plan is to enjoy as much as the race, especially the iconic sights, as much as possible while getting the best manageably consistent pace throughout.