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Challenge Henley - 18 Weeks Away

I’ve now done my second week of training towards Challenge Henley after my post marathon lull. If you look at my training against a normal Ironman schedule, it probably looks very light. But I’ve had some busy weeks with heavy social commitments, and expect to have some more. I’m also suffering from lack of endurance in sports that aren’t running. So I’m keeping it simple.

“Each week, do more than you did last week, in each sport”.

This is a remarkably simple strategy that should have me back to Ironman-type training weeks in no time. At the moment I can only do 60 lengths in the pool. In a couple of months I expect to be at double that.

Week one had just two full hours training - two runs at around 50 minutes total, one bike at 40 minutes logged (I was on the bike longer) and one swim of 33 minutes.

In this last week I did about the same running (I only got one run in of 52 minutes), much more bike (2.5 hours) and one swim of an hour. So already I’m nearly at 4.5 hours.

For the next week, I have a busy weekend so will again have to fit much of the training in the week - so will aim for more runs, about the same bike and more swims. With that in mind, I will also set the following goal:

“Do two of each sport every week”

Again, I don’t expect to manage to meet that one every week either, but it’s a good target and achievable most weeks at least.

I’m really not following any particular training plan this year - my plan comes from needing to increase endurance to Iron distances, while maintaining speed. Simple sessions (e.g. one hour on the rollers, a 10km run, 100 lengths) are great for measuring progress, and make planning sessions easier.

My progress can be followed as ever by hitting Log at the top right. I’m usually not too far behind logging activities, although I only filled in May today.