Will Thames

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Two Weeks to Go!

So, a fortnight to go until Challenge Henley. Some recent improvements to confidence, some disasters.

First, the good - 4km (ish) lake swim yesterday in 1:23. So I can do the distance in a time I can be happy with - can’t be 100% sure if it was 4k, but either way I should be in the right ballpark.

I hope I can convert that to a 1:20 swim in the Thames, although the flow of the Thames might have an effect.

I did two laps of the bike course yesterday in 4:30. It’s only slightly hillier than IMCH now, hence why I’m getting similar times. However, it is bloody windy at times - there were times when I was only getting 26km/h on downhills!

I’d like to shave a bit of time off there and get a 6:30 bike. However, with the wind blowing uphill, it could easily be a 7:00 bike.

I did one lap of the run course yesterday. It was horrendous (my run, the course was pretty enough). I might have been bonking by that point of the day, and it was very windy running back to Henley along the Thames, but if I run that slowly on the day (or, realistically, slower) then I’ll struggle with a 4:30 marathon.

So, I predict I can beat my IMCH time, but it may well come down to how well I run on the day. I’ll need to get my nutrition and hydration right, and be properly rested (although I don’t have much running in my legs to blame it on that) but it can be done. The question just remains, will I manage it. I’ll find out on the day!