Will Thames

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Less Than One Week to Henley.

I’m mostly glad it wasn’t yesterday! Hopefully Hurricane Katia will clear off properly and we’ll have a nice calm Sunday.

I’m a lot more confident that I’m ready to race, and with a sensible week tapering and resting I can only get more ready.

With that in mind, my hoped for race day looks like

Swim: 01:20 T1: 0:10 Bike 06:30 T2: 0:05 Run: 03:55 Total: 12:00

With good conditions the above is possible, although the run target is ambitious to say the least, as it’s the same as my London marathon time. However, I’m probably fitter now than then, and I’m hoping that it’ll be cooler. Certainly I don’t think my London time is anywhere near my potential best. Oh, the bike target might be ambitious too - it’s actually a quicker pace than the two-lap cycle I did a couple of weekends ago. Again, I’m hoping conditions are better on the day than they were that day!

I have my race day pretty much worked out in my head, so it just remains for me to hydrate and fuel pre-race ready for the big day!