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Happy New Year - Now Back to It

I haven’t updated this blog since Challenge Henley. I’ve barely trained since Challenge Henley.

Three months off has done me no good at all. Drinking and eating my way through a north American winter and then landing in an Australian summer has done me no good at all either.

My plans for 2012:

  • Complete a triathlon
  • Lose 8kg and 2in (the impact of just three months slacking)
  • Start shaving significant time off my 1500m swim (sub 30?)
While completing a triathlon might not seem much of a goal for someone with two Ironmans behind them, I really have got so far behind in my training and I need to start learning to race in the Australian summer (not to mention calm my fear of jellyfish/sharks/blue-ringed octopus).

NB: my training log is not up to date as the USB stick for data transfer from my watch is hopefully in shipping (if not it’s lost) - either way the total is 1 run in October, 4 in December and 1 in January. Not great.