Will Thames

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Tech Behind the Blog

I’ve moved the blog from willthames.org.uk to reflect my new location and just for an opportunity for a refresh.

I was relatively happy with Drupal’s flexibility but just didn’t need that much power. Also, something a lot simpler means that I can customise it that much more easily.

In the end I went with Octopress using the Drupal migration for Jekyll. Currently it’s only migrated my posts - not my race reports or training log. I’ll worry about that later. Using octopress allows me to store my blog posts in git and then upload them to Heroku - so free blog posting in quite a simple fashion. The only thing I don’t like about the combination is that I have to keep the generated pages under version control, but the opportunity to use and learn a bit more about Heroku was more compelling than just using github pages.

For theming, I really wanted to keep the left hand bar, and I just couldn’t easily work out how to do it using octopress’s default theme. The bootstrap theme for octopress was a lot easier to customise, mostly because Bootstrap is so simple to use. I’ve made a few of my own tweaks (most of which I’ve submitted as a pull request) and some simple CSS customisations on top.

I’ve also changed the tag line from “swim, bike, run”, to add the word tech. I imagine my blog will remain more about running than anything else, but there will definitely be the odd technical post.