Will Thames

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Training Log Data

I’ve really wanted to be able to take more control of my data for years. In recent months this has become more concrete and I’ve focussed all the time I have to dedicate to coding to just working on the visualisation of my training data.

I’ve strived to favour shipping over perfection - various choices that I’ve made have been short-term so that I can get something out there. At present I have to manually run a script that takes binary formatted data from my watch and turns it into JSON. Octopress can do the rest, with the help of a plugin I wrote to generate the three types of ‘pages’ that power the training log: the training log entry itself, the data behind that training log entry, and the index of all training logs.

I have made incredibly heavy use of other people’s work. For dynamic visualisation, d3 is pretty much the best thing out there - it does all kinds of graphs, tables, maps and much more. For mapping, I used Leaflet, backed by the tiles of CloudMade, which rely on the data of OpenStreetMap.

To be honest, the results aren’t much different to what I currently get from Garmin Connect, but this is just the first step.

There are bugs. If the training data doesn’t show first time, just refresh. I think that’s a fairly normal Javascript script loading ordering problem, that I haven’t fixed over shipping (and writing this page). The time x-axis is currently in seconds (I’d rather have 1:00 than 3600 but I haven’t yet worked that one out).

Other things on my list include publishing the script I use to convert Garmin FIT data to JSON, based on the fitparse library, plotting lap markers, having lap popups. It’s quite exciting, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and the training log index needs some styling applied. But at least it has some entries. The most recent training entry seems to have a duration of 4.5 hours. I know why it thinks that (it’s rendering the data I present it correctly, and the start time is correct so what I think is the end time might be something else). Hopefully that’ll be fixed soon.