Will Thames

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Looking Ahead to Brisbane Marathon

With less than five weeks to go before the Brisbane marathon, I find myself reflecting upon my training so far and to come.

I only have one goal for Brisbane, and that is to beat last year’s time. It’s not impossible, and looking at my training times and parkrun results, it should be doable. But it won’t be easy.

Since the North Face, I’ve tried to get up to a 60km/week training volume, with the aim of reaching 80km at peak. But I haven’t been able to maintain even 60km/week - either my legs give up, or last week, it seems my entire body decided to go on strike (I wonder if I was fighting something off, I had what is best described as a half hour cold on Friday night - sneezing, runny nose, snuffles, the works, but it went as quickly as it came, and I’ve felt great since)

We also had our wedding anniversary, where we went away to the Bunya Mountains - not much running, but good hill walking - not very far, but I definitely felt it, and again, a possible cause of last week’s lethargy.

So now, with five weeks to go, the last few weeks don’t look that great in terms of consistency, but I have a great training base, the last couple of runs have convinced me that I’m still fast enough, and so I just need some decent long runs and hopefully I’ll be set.

On Sunday I did a half marathon in training in 1:50, today I did 15km in 1:15. The latter is still a slower pace than last year’s Brisbane marathon though, which absolutely stuns me - a 5:00/km tempo run feels like it should be fast enough, but I need to be getting below 4:55/km on the day to actually beat last year.

This year I’m uncoached, so it’s all down to me. Of course there are plenty of variables (last year was almost perfect weather conditions for me) but I’m happy with my performance overall, and I’m enjoying the social side of running more than I ever have, with social runs and friendly competition with my fellow Bunyaville Trail Runners and those at Parkrun. This has also encouraged me to experiment with different runs (my two best parkruns were both preceded by a 10km the evening before, which is new) to get the kms in at the same time as the social side.