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Not the Kind of Consistency I Was After

I read an excellent article recently simplifying running to three rules - consistency, rest, and listening to your body.

That’s not bad - my rule of thumb is train as consistently as you can without getting injured - but that’s pretty much the same thing.

My recent aim has been to up my run volume in a consistent fashion towards 80km per week, but I seem to be consistently achieving 50km/week as a result of lack of runs or not long enough runs. This week I had two great runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then a terrible run on Friday - 12km of just really slow suffering - I managed to just about pick up the pace for the second half but it was very sluggish. Yesterday morning I had a nice quick Sandgate parkrun, which made me feel confident again.

Today my plan was for a 24km run, but after about 8km I started noticing a minor foot niggle that I’ve had before, but it usually happens at the start of a run and goes away as my foot loosens up. Today it got worse to the point where almost every step was slightly annoying (not really painful but twingey). In the end I decided listening to my body was the right step, and packed it in after just 12km. I did some stretching afterwards, and even got the foam roller out when I got home, and just hope a couple of days rest is enough to manage the niggle.

Assuming my foot does recover, I’ll run as normal on Tuesday and Wednesday. This week I’m off to Sydney on Thursday for a conference on Friday and Saturday, probably with evening events too, so consistency will be tricky (particularly my usual Friday evening run). I plan to do parkrun on Saturday morning at St Peters, so I might just have to add Friday’s run to that (maybe run a bit of there and back if it’s runnable).

Hopefully I’ll have some weeks that boost my confidence overall soon!