Will Thames

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And So 2014 Begins

So I signed up for the North Face 100km. I decided to take most of December easy, most weeks were 20km tops, to give myself some downtime in preparation for nearly five months of buildup towards TNF100.

The last race of 2013 was supposed to be a nice sociable 5km at the recently created Bunyaville Parkrun. I was there for the inaugural event and due to time pressures (I had a 9am ferry to North Stradbroke Island to catch) I ran a 25 min PB in warmish conditions. Last Saturday I thought the conditions were better, but maybe I wasn’t feeling the pressures, as I was a bit slower (20 seconds or so)

However, my Achilles took a battering. I’m not sure what if anything I did differently, but I’ve been suffering since. I could barely walk on Sunday - I was kind of taking half steps until I realised I wasn’t using my Achilles at all and overrode that.

I’ve done some digging and found a great exercise, eccentric heel drops, that is already giving me some relief.

I’m reducing the intensity for the next week or so, and likely the volume will be low (although hoping to manage 20-30km or so).

In addition, I’m adding strength, balance and flexibility to my training program. And if I can’t run, well the pool will do (assuming I can actually get in the pool with everyone else avoiding the heat!)