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Looking Back on January

January wasn’t a terrible month - I ran every other day, and did upper body/core strength training pretty much every day in between (I admit I missed a couple). Most weeks were around the 40km mark, which is fine for the time being.

My Achilles niggle isn’t entirely gone away but I am recovering better and gathering more strength. Today I went on my first trail run this year, and while it wasn’t 100%, it didn’t impede me either, so I’ll be happy as long as it doesn’t feel terrible tomorrow.

Last week I ran one of my fastest 11km Wednesday nights for a while, so I do feel I’m maintaining speed and so it’s just a matter of keeping uninjured and then building endurance.

I’ve also entered my first race of the year - Mt Glorious mountain race. I’ll need to be confident that I’ve recovered before I start, but it’s looking good so far. After that I think I’ll go for Twilight half marathon and then Pinnacles in April. That might be it for races before The North Face - last year I did Mt Mee marathon four weeks before, but this year it’s just two weeks before.

In terms of how things could be improved, I need to do more hills, more steps and more distance, but I plan on doing all of those.

January stats:

  • Distance: 180km
  • Ascent: 1321m according to Garmin, probably only 200m really (a lot of flat seafront runs show up as 200m of ascent!).