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Looking Back on February

February was where my training started to come together. I would have likely averaged 50kms per week were it not for a poor first weekend (I think I just tired myself out in the heat and gave up 7km into a planned 21km run) and an indisciplined last weekend (should have got up on the Friday morning before we went away but was tired and hungover!).

Some very strong weeks including the first week with 56kms, and a good trip to Mount Glorious for a shorter but hillier race than last year’s altered course to cover 22km in 2:43:47 with 1200m of ascent.

Also, I was back to Bunyaville most Wednesdays to rack up some more hills. I thought that my month off hills might have worsened my performances but most sessions I felt as good as I have done previously.

A hilly route around Shorncliffe has also been useful, but I think might pad out the hills a bit too much - I might change over to a more intense session of hill and step repeats (I trialled a version in the city yesterday and could do something similar locally).

Plans for March include more hills, more steps, and a half marathon race at Twilight. I also need to start training with my backpack, start booking accommodation and flights for the North Face, and ensure I have all the mandatory kit. Still ten weeks to go, but that’s feeling anywhere near far enough right now!

February stats:

  • Distance: 179km (same as January but in fewer days running)
  • Ascent: 2907m - much better than January, includes some genuinely hilly runs but still likely a massive overestimate.