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Looking Back on March

In March I’ve felt like I’m going from strength to strength. I don’t yet feel ready for the North Face 100km but if it was the 50, I reckon I’d be all set! Still, a few more weeks of solid training and hopefully I’ll be a lot readier.

As per the plan, I’ve been trying to get more specific in my training, and including hills and steps in my runs. So I’ve incorporated hill intervals up to the Story Bridge and down again, circuits of Kangaroo Point steps, and long runs to Camp Mountain from Bunyaville and back.

Other than the last week, I’ve done over 60km per week, which is reasonable. For April I think I’ll have to up my sessions to 5 per week, or start to go very long if I’m to continue to increase distance and ascent.

I’ve been using the last week of the month as a chance to recover and recharge and replenish motivation. This week was well timed I had the Twilight Half to recover from (a new PB of 1:39:35) and this Saturday I had a brewery tour in the city - suffice to say a Sunday morning long run yesterday was never on the cards.

I haven’t done quite so well at cross training - in January I was doing more weights, and in February I was doing more yoga, now in March I wasn’t doing either. But I did do some gardening and carpentry!

As usual the plan is more distance, more ascent, more steps. Also I need to do more runs with my backpack and I still need to finish buying my mandatory kit (at least I managed to book flights and accommodation in March).

I’ve been trying Tailwind energy drinks for run fuel - so far they seem very good so I just need to check that I can cope with it on longer runs, otherwise I’ll need a different nutrition strategy.

Less than seven weeks to go now, and I’m much much stronger than seven weeks ago, just need to keep it up!

March stats:

  • Distance: 233km
  • Ascent: 3946m according to Garmin - usual disclaimers apply (seafront runs sometimes show up as 200m of ascent!).