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With Three Days to Go...

My last run was now a week ago — a good variation on the usual routes at Bunyaville. My plan for Thursday was to have another go at the Kangaroo Point steps, and then 20km at the weekend for a casual 50km for the week.

I started getting more and more snuffly around lunch time on Thursday and when I coughed, it was pretty chesty. I very nearly went running in the afternoon but thought it best to leave it.

On Friday I still wasn’t terrible, but I was getting worse, and Saturday and Sunday were very coughy and raspy. Anyway, long story short, the cold itself seemed to properly kick in on Monday with the full on sneezing and sniffles and general bunged up ness. The cough hasn’t fully gone away, certainly not enough to want to risk running at this point.

I haven’t been to work all week — by this point not because I feel too unwell to work, but because I am too unwell to be in an office spreading my germs to everyone else.

I’m hoping to squeeze in some kind of run, no matter how short, in the next day or two, but I’m erring on the side of caution — I’d rather have ten days off running if it means that I’m ok to run on Saturday.

There are some positive things to take from this. I’m not injured, just ill. It’s presumably just a cold, so I should recover soon. Emil Zatopek discovered the benefits of tapering through a period just like this, and significantly beat everyone else in his race. So I could totally win the North Face 100 as a result of this downtime.

I do have to take care of my body — I’m very hopeful that I’ll be on the start line on Saturday morning, but I’m trying to avoid the risk of bronchitis or pneumonia for a race, so I’ll be making the decision to race carefully. Either way I’m sure I’ll have a wonderful time in the Blue Mountains.