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Checklist for Glasshouse 100km

Writing this has helped to ensure that everything is in the right place for tomorrow. One could probably argue I carry too much stuff, but I like to be safe and prepared, and relatively self-sufficient.

Tomorrow will be my first experience with dropbags, so I’ve tried to ensure stuff will be in the right place.

Even writing this I realised that my understanding of where the checkpoints wasn’t quite right (I thought that 4 and 7 were one-third and two-thirds around the course, rather than one-quarter and three-quarters), so I’ve just added a second drop bag for checkpoint 8, that I’ll now have to go and pack.


  • mini anti-chafe
  • 2 x 500 tailwind + 1l water
  • tailwind powder x 3
  • survival bag
  • bandage
  • compeed
  • food bar
  • phone + bag
  • sunglasses
  • cap
  • arm warmers
  • rain jacket
  • small torch

Drop bag 1 (marked with name and 4/7) — 24.7km, 71.5km, 75.9km

  • anti-chafe
  • tailwind powder x 6
  • funnel
  • compeed
  • backup headlamp
  • spare socks
  • buff, fleece
  • food bar

Drop Bag 2 (marked with name and 8) — 53.2km, 64km

  • sunscreen
  • headlamp
  • compeed
  • tailwind powder x 4
  • funnel
  • food bar
  • spare socks

Bag for car

  • spare clothes
  • towel
  • shoes