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2018 running plans


Ultra Trail Australia 2017

Strava Analysis

UTA100 preparation - one week to go


UT3M race report - day two

UT3M race report — day one

Nineteen days to go

Thoughts on my training

Race report: Numinbah 2 Pollys 50km

2015 so far

2014 in review


Race report: Glasshouse 100km

Checklist for Glasshouse 100km

Race Report: Brisbane Marathon 2014

Completing the Kokoda Challenge

I’m running 96km - please sponsor me

You don’t have to choose between endurance and speed

Race report: The North Face 100km

With three days to go…

Looking back on April

Ninth time’s a charm — a marathon on Camp Mountain

Elska reviews mandatory kit

Race report: Pinnacles 2014

Race Report: Nerang 50km

Looking back on March

Twilight Half race report

Looking back on February

Looking back on January

2013 in review

And so 2014 begins


Reflections on Sunday’s Brisbane Marathon

Not the kind of consistency I was after

Looking ahead to Brisbane Marathon

Fantasy North Face 100km

Race report: The North Face 50km

Stuff just got real

North Face kit list

Mt Mee trail marathon

My first mountain run

North Face mandatory kit - part two

North Face 50km - mandatory kit

2012 is dead. Long live 2013


Training Log Data

posted in tech

Key workouts

Tech behind the blog

posted in tech

Glasshouse 50km

Bridge to Brisbane 10k

Graphing performance

Getting faster

Happy New Year - now back to it


Challenge Henley and on

Less than one week to Henley.

Two weeks to go!

Trustworthy data

5 weeks until Henley

21 days of Ironman training

Blenheim Sprint triathlon

Challenge Henley - 18 weeks away

London Marathon 2011

Mental plan for tomorrow

At last, it’s nearly upon me

Garmin Connect replacement: 1st iteration

Race plan for tomorrow’s half marathon

London Marathon

2011 training

Goals for 2011

Advent of Running: week 4


Advent of Running: week 3

Advent of Running: week 2

Advent of Running: week 1

Ambivalent about Iron distance


Running update

Offseason progress

Review of this year’s goals

End of the season

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2010

Great reads

Running thoughts

London Duathlon Ultra Distance 2010

Four weeks later

Getting back in the groove

Thought for the day

Ironman Switzerland race report

Ironman Switzerland - 1 week to go

Thought for the day

Ironman update - 2 weeks to go

Too tired to blog

Ironman Switzerland race plan

Ironman Switzerland - 3 weeks to go

Bala Middle Distance 2010

One week to Bala

Ironman Switzerland - 8 weeks to go

Ironman Switzerland - 9 weeks to go

Ironman Switzerland - 12 weeks to go

Why do I do it to myself

Lanzarote bike rides

Ironman Switzerland - 13 weeks to go

Ironman Switzerland - 17 weeks to go

Tyre pressure matters!

Paces for FIRST training

Ironman Switzerland - 18 weeks to go

Ironman goals

A quick update

Grrr! Pool closed!

Ironman Switzerland - 22 weeks to go

Ironman Switzerland - 23 weeks to go

Ironman Switzerland - 24 weeks to go

Training update - 25 weeks to go

Training update - 26 weeks to go

My first bikefit

Training update - 27 weeks to go

Map of my run on 12/10/2010

On the rollers

Training update - 28 weeks to go

Snowy Sunday afternoon run

New Year, new training plan, new blog entry!


Grand Union Canal Half Marathon

Shaking things up a little

Interesting results from a 2500m swim

Running in the rain

Long training week

Stats from London Triathlon

Tricky training weeks

London Triathlon 2009

2009 - 2010 goals

Site enhancement plans

Ready for London

Ironman Switzerland

Cycle training


Swimming progress (or regress)

London 10k 2009

Finally, I’m a triathlete

Running plans

Merrell Mudman 2009

Going backwards?

January T30

Into 2009


Happy Christmas

T30 count

Slack posting

Hellrunner 2008

More swimming milestones

Interesting swim

Swim performance

Bike run bike

Swim n Spin

Race T-shirt etiquette

My first race report - Royal Parks Half Marathon, 12 October 2008

What a contrast…

What a run!

Now on drupal


Half marathon goal. In writing!

It’s a conspiracy

1 - 7 September: A week in review

18 - 31 August: A fortnight in review

11-17 August: A week in review

What would I want from an ideal training blog?


Swimming - Day 10

Finally booked a swim course!

Swimming - Day 9

Signing up for triathlon

London Triathlon 2009

A week in review

4-10 Aug: A week in review

Swimming - Day 7

Am I a runner now?

Yesterday’s run

Swimming - day 6

Swimming - day 5

Remembering the bad runs

Heart Rate Monitor failure

Swimming - day 4

Running on

Swimming - day 3


Swimming - day 2

Triathlon - in the beginning